The Apprentice

June 29, 2006

I’m not used to the early start of late, but I think it’s going to make a comeback. We were on the way to the garage by 9:30 this morning. The first bloke we saw was Julians brother Adrian. He looked keen, so we put him to work with a chisel scraping body bog off the boot lid. The bog wasn’t made up with enough hardner, and hasn’t set after 3 months. Bugger.

Julian started by appraising the stainless steel bits i made yesterday. not a perfect job, i’ll be the first to admit, but unless you’re laying on your guts, with a magnifying glass looking at the front spoiler you shouldn’t fick up the puck ups.

The bits of square section steel i cut were millimetre perfect and they were mounted in preparation of the whole front kit being attached. All of the little jobs we’ve been doing to prepare the front are coming together finally and it’ll be together by next time I see it hopefully.

This is the spoiler hanger. Once they’re on the car another photo should appear. See my mistakes? Ahh, the wonders of Photoshop. Anyway, by now Adrian had well and truly had enough of chisels and chewing gum bog. His apprenticeship was not over though. Later in the day he made us a coffee. It doubled as acid for cleaning up the stainless bits.

Thought i’d throw in a pic of the switch gear we bought when we did the ignition circuit eons ago. The red one is the starter. Overkill like everything else we’ve done so far on this car.

Later on in the day Julian started making the brackets for the spoiler to attach it to the body. Not to be confused with the hangers I made.  This is him posing with the aluminium plates Sikaflex’d to the bottom of the spoiler. Note pink gloves and orgasm face. Suss? Yes. They are to have bolts through them eventually. The spoiler that is.  All will make sense when they’re done (or so i’m told!).
Must dash, getting ready to hit the turps tonight before I head north for 10 days tomorrow. Wish me luck.


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