Got Bits

July 28, 2006

At last the order was sent to Turin Imports, and we got our parts today. Brake and clutch mostly, I think there’s a list somewhere on this site… maybe i’m lying though.
I picked up the white topcoat too, and tried to find a pinstriping tool. Trust me to try and overcomplicate everything! I thought that white with a red stripe down each side won’t look quite period enough, so i want to put a gold pinstripe around the red. Wish me luck! Cost of 4 litres White 2 pack with reducer: $125

We’re going to put some hours in on Sunday, probably going to hang the doors and paint the door jam’s (spelling?) white. Currently the whole car is primed, might need another coat in some spots before we jump to with the wet-and-dry before the topcoat.

Julian also made a trip to Peter’s to change over some suspension parts that we’d already bought from him which ended up the wong size. We also need a gearbox, and then she will move under her own steam.

Hopefully the gratuitous spending of money will cease just long enough for me to afford to get my daily back on the road. It’s at the panel beaters at the moment after an incident outside uni almost 2 months ago.


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