can’t think of a good title…

July 31, 2006

Yesterday Julian and I put in the most solid day’s work for some time.

We started by refurbishing the rear struts. Unfortunately the saga is not yet somplete on this front – the collars are still too shallow for the struts. This has dragged on for some time now and i’m over it. The immediate outcome is that we’ve boched it for now, relegated it to be worried about later… Like pretty much every other job in the too hard basket.

On a more positive note we managed to rustle up some helper-elves because Jack and G made a triumphant return to the project. They were both given sanding blocks and pieces of primed fibreglass and they ended up having a water fight. Then Sam turned up and things became less productive by the second.

The outcome was that most of the fibre was ready for its first topcoat by the end of the day. More on that later…

Pedal Box

While that was all happening, Julian and I mucked around getting the pedal box put back together. This is probably the only assembly not covered in any vague way by the Haynes manual, so it was a case of test-fitting the brake and clutch masters until the bolt hole lined up, forgetting components, taking it apart again, putting it back together with spacers, et cetera. We finished it eventually (we hope :P) and i took a blurry photo on my phone.

Jack and I were sent to Clark Rubber to buy some brake line to go from the reservoirs to the masters. Unfortunately nothing specific was in stock so i went for high-quality silicon tubes, and with luck they won’t corrode. They’d better not, it cost an arm and a leg, even with my staff discount! We couldn’t fill the lines yesterday anyway, we still have no gearbox and the brakes are yet to be rebuilt, but at least we have most of the plumbing sorted.

Once the light stared fading and our helpers trickled away Julian and i decided it was a good idea to start painting. Experimenting with new paints at the end of a long day in shit light is never recommended, but the back of the paint tin neglected to warn us of this fact.

I did my bucket chemistry (4ish to 1 with 50% reducer give-or-take), and we started to shoot. Julian had it coming up in a beautiful gloss and I wondered why anyone would consider any other type of paint. Minutes later we realised that Julain may have been getting a good gloss by letting it run off the door jams onto the floor. A minor point, and i had a go, resolving to apply only the lightest dusting and letting it dry. I managed within minutes to have the same problem of paint-dripping-on-the-boots. I think we used every four letter word known to mammal, and possibly invented some more.

I fear we may be doing a LOT of sanding and repainting next time we go to work. Mistakes can be expensive both with time and money, but we never seem to learn.


2 Responses to “can’t think of a good title…”

  1. Julian Says:

    ha, at least we can epoxy the floor while pretending to paint the car…time for a big push on this thing, september is looming! I’ll make sure I have the seal kits for the brakes and stuff by the weekend.

  2. manzinilox Says:

    I wonder if anyone actually reads this blog?

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