epoxy’d concrete floor

August 23, 2006

Anyone that knows us will know that we’re learning to deal well with failure. Like so many other people doing a similar project for the first time, we’ve realised that although trial and error isn’t the most time or cost effective way to learn, you rarely make the same mistake twice.

On that note, we painted the body today, along with many of the fiber panels not already attached. Like before we resolved to put on several light coats. the bloody paint just doesn’t come up in a gloss though, so we put a bit more on. So it started running off the panel. Bugger.

We have since learnt that this may be just the way that 2 pack paint lays. The theory (we have been told) is that the paint doesn’t really stick well to the panel. Therefore the best method is:

1) You spray a light coat, not wet and certainly not opaque.

2) Once that has flashed off and is tacky, apply a wet coat. The tacky coat stops the wet coat from running. This will come up in the gloss and will be opaque.

If you are reading this and have any experience, either better or worse, please let us know. We’d love to hear your method because we’re willing to try anything so that this car can move on! The upshot of the whole thing is that we have to sand out the runs and have another go. Shame, i was looking forward to doing some mechanical work again.


a photo essay

August 20, 2006

The best thing about today was that I didn’t have to work for ‘the man’.

Instead we cut out the radiator vents on the bonnet. You can see in the fourth photo that the jigsaw was chipping the finish a bit, so some genious suggested that we score the surface with a stanley knife before we cut. That cleaned a lot of it up.

The final result looks great. Just have to pick up the aluminium sheet to make the ducting.

Julian also put the glass in one door but we ran into issues on the drivers side. It seems we’ve misplaced the track for it. I’ll have to have another look.

Julian wet-sanded the bonnet, so that’s ready for a top coat. The roof and front guards are at last ready for their final coats of primer.

Then we shoot white at it, find a bearing for the gearbox and set the clutch up and f**ken fang it. The male member stands to just thinking about it.

from the rediculous…

August 15, 2006

Julian gave me a detailed list of stuff that i could do today, he couldn’t be there to hold my hand because he was busy winning bread.  Tasks included making the template for the door cards, buying brake line and (more) sanding.

On my way from uni to the car, i thought i’d drop in at a small auto spares place that i’ve found helpful in the past on Bell St, Heidelberg. I’ve forgotton their name but it will end up in a preferred suppliers page if we ever get around to making one. The bloke there told me that they didn’t sell brake line off the roll, and he couldn’t think of anywhere that did off the top of his head. He suggested maybe Pirtek. I jumped back on Bell St and headed for Repco. They didn’t sell it either, but the bloke also suggested I try Pirtek. I had no idea of Pirtek’s number, so i was ready to admit defeat for the day, but a funny thing happened on my way to Fairfield…

I thought i was hallucinating when i stopped at traffic lights and saw a shiny Pirtek branded-van drive across in front of me. When the lights went green I spun the wheels and caught up with him with a cunning plan presenting itself in my frontal lobe. I was going to follow him until he stopped, and accost him for my hose. I didn’t have to wait long, and i pulled up near him. He made his delivery in record time, and I hardly had time to get back in my car ready to block his way, yelling to him out the window.

It turned out that he had exactly what i was after, but didn’t have a mobile eftpos macine in his van, and there was me with not a dollar in cash in my pockets. He cut me the length and told me to take it. What a stroke of luck finding helpful people after the dickhead last week.

1.5m x 6mm(ID) brake line: $0.00

Julian had found out that the place in Hawthorn did sell the stuff we wanted, for a low price of $10 per foot. Go me.

I did the other tasks too: I sanded the roof (again), the front bar (again) and parts of the front quarters (again). Can’t wait til we get a gearbox and install the clutch, because the brakes just need the Silicon lines replaced with the rubber ones and to be bled, and off we roll.

Hopefully pics next post.

at it again

August 8, 2006

Back to the breaks, another full day and all the calipers are rebuilt and back on the car, connected and ready to bleed…apart from one. The right front caliper needed the hard line replaced – which should be a simple job. I bought the line this morning no probs, we bent it then went to try and find somewhere to get the ends flared.

Thought we would go to a local ‘specialist’ that prepares 3 series for racing (which happen to use the same flares as the Fiat). He was so damn confortable in his chair that he was certain that he would only be able to produce a 95% job. For fucks sake mate! It would only have taken 5 min and he stood there talking for 10. I digress, what other useless inane jobs can I go and bother them with now? Borrow some electrical tape? Unscrew the headlight trim ring? Any Ideas?


On another note, need to make some extractors like this!