at it again

August 8, 2006

Back to the breaks, another full day and all the calipers are rebuilt and back on the car, connected and ready to bleed…apart from one. The right front caliper needed the hard line replaced – which should be a simple job. I bought the line this morning no probs, we bent it then went to try and find somewhere to get the ends flared.

Thought we would go to a local ‘specialist’ that prepares 3 series for racing (which happen to use the same flares as the Fiat). He was so damn confortable in his chair that he was certain that he would only be able to produce a 95% job. For fucks sake mate! It would only have taken 5 min and he stood there talking for 10. I digress, what other useless inane jobs can I go and bother them with now? Borrow some electrical tape? Unscrew the headlight trim ring? Any Ideas?

On another note, need to make some extractors like this!


One Response to “at it again”

  1. manzinilox Says:

    Breaks? they never worked in the first place!

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