from the rediculous…

August 15, 2006

Julian gave me a detailed list of stuff that i could do today, he couldn’t be there to hold my hand because he was busy winning bread.  Tasks included making the template for the door cards, buying brake line and (more) sanding.

On my way from uni to the car, i thought i’d drop in at a small auto spares place that i’ve found helpful in the past on Bell St, Heidelberg. I’ve forgotton their name but it will end up in a preferred suppliers page if we ever get around to making one. The bloke there told me that they didn’t sell brake line off the roll, and he couldn’t think of anywhere that did off the top of his head. He suggested maybe Pirtek. I jumped back on Bell St and headed for Repco. They didn’t sell it either, but the bloke also suggested I try Pirtek. I had no idea of Pirtek’s number, so i was ready to admit defeat for the day, but a funny thing happened on my way to Fairfield…

I thought i was hallucinating when i stopped at traffic lights and saw a shiny Pirtek branded-van drive across in front of me. When the lights went green I spun the wheels and caught up with him with a cunning plan presenting itself in my frontal lobe. I was going to follow him until he stopped, and accost him for my hose. I didn’t have to wait long, and i pulled up near him. He made his delivery in record time, and I hardly had time to get back in my car ready to block his way, yelling to him out the window.

It turned out that he had exactly what i was after, but didn’t have a mobile eftpos macine in his van, and there was me with not a dollar in cash in my pockets. He cut me the length and told me to take it. What a stroke of luck finding helpful people after the dickhead last week.

1.5m x 6mm(ID) brake line: $0.00

Julian had found out that the place in Hawthorn did sell the stuff we wanted, for a low price of $10 per foot. Go me.

I did the other tasks too: I sanded the roof (again), the front bar (again) and parts of the front quarters (again). Can’t wait til we get a gearbox and install the clutch, because the brakes just need the Silicon lines replaced with the rubber ones and to be bled, and off we roll.

Hopefully pics next post.


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