a photo essay

August 20, 2006

The best thing about today was that I didn’t have to work for ‘the man’.

Instead we cut out the radiator vents on the bonnet. You can see in the fourth photo that the jigsaw was chipping the finish a bit, so some genious suggested that we score the surface with a stanley knife before we cut. That cleaned a lot of it up.

The final result looks great. Just have to pick up the aluminium sheet to make the ducting.

Julian also put the glass in one door but we ran into issues on the drivers side. It seems we’ve misplaced the track for it. I’ll have to have another look.

Julian wet-sanded the bonnet, so that’s ready for a top coat. The roof and front guards are at last ready for their final coats of primer.

Then we shoot white at it, find a bearing for the gearbox and set the clutch up and f**ken fang it. The male member stands to just thinking about it.


3 Responses to “a photo essay”

  1. faelli Says:

    love that last angle…

  2. Jon Says:

    I thought i had better leave the impression that someone actually reads this blog. The car is looking good

  3. Matt Says:

    Hey Hey! Nice work, you’re both regular Tim-the-tool-man-Taylors!

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