epoxy’d concrete floor

August 23, 2006

Anyone that knows us will know that we’re learning to deal well with failure. Like so many other people doing a similar project for the first time, we’ve realised that although trial and error isn’t the most time or cost effective way to learn, you rarely make the same mistake twice.

On that note, we painted the body today, along with many of the fiber panels not already attached. Like before we resolved to put on several light coats. the bloody paint just doesn’t come up in a gloss though, so we put a bit more on. So it started running off the panel. Bugger.

We have since learnt that this may be just the way that 2 pack paint lays. The theory (we have been told) is that the paint doesn’t really stick well to the panel. Therefore the best method is:

1) You spray a light coat, not wet and certainly not opaque.

2) Once that has flashed off and is tacky, apply a wet coat. The tacky coat stops the wet coat from running. This will come up in the gloss and will be opaque.

If you are reading this and have any experience, either better or worse, please let us know. We’d love to hear your method because we’re willing to try anything so that this car can move on! The upshot of the whole thing is that we have to sand out the runs and have another go. Shame, i was looking forward to doing some mechanical work again.


2 Responses to “epoxy’d concrete floor”

  1. Timmy Says:

    g’day boys….

    i have an idea:

    with the painting…have you applied an undercoat / primer?
    have you sanded it back with different grades / grains of sandpaper? is the panel ACTUALLY ready?

    are you mixing the 2pack correctly?
    2pack application is NOT for amatuers – its toxic and hard to do.

    remember not just one coat – your not gonna get it perfect first go. i suggest several coats..

    but getting your primer perfect is the way!

    sand that fucker back to bare metal again if u have too.
    apply some nice primer..
    then sand it back with some fine sandpaper..
    then prime again…
    then sand it back with finer sandpaper..
    then prime again…
    do it again til when u run ure hand over the (dry) primer….its smoother than johnny on a rape charge.

    take your time… make sure u do it on a average day..plenty of airflow..wear gasmasks…if u fuck it up..u can do it again

    good luck
    /timmy mumford

  2. manzinilox Says:

    yeah we did all that, used plenty of primer and sandpaper

    did the whole respirator thing too, and as far as the recommended mixture, we followed what the guy at Protec and the actual mixture info said.

    Julian’s had another look since then, and doesn’t think its as bad as i made out. i’m a hack journo student, i tend to exaggerate.

    I’m going back for another look on Saturday, i’ll update then.


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