November 4, 2006

Spent today picking apart the regatta, no photos as the camera batts had to be flat. The car spilled it’s guts out onto the driveway over the course of the day, progress was pretty slow in the morning having to drill out some stuck bolts in the cv joints…and then because I couldn’t figure out how to pull the engine out. I don’t have an engine hoist, or anything to lift the sucker out so it had to come out the bottom x1/9 style. The only problem is the regatta was not designed to do this and the whole front suspension had to come off to drop the motor out on the ground. Then it was time to drag the barstard out from under the car.

The end result being that the car is in bits and im dirty and absolutley stuffed. Time for bed.


One Response to “apart”

  1. manzinilox Says:

    Batteries will always be flat when you need them. As will tyres. Cars will always nearly be out of petrol when you’re running late. The shop has always just sold out of ‘the one you’re after’ and there’s never any cold beer in the house.

    Then you realise why: you’ve drunk it all because of the above…

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