No Britney Spears, just a good gearbox

December 6, 2006

The title is a tribute to 4 of the top 10 blogs on this network today: Britters flashed the press. Apparently it’s newsworthy.

We have better news: The gearbox is in and it works.

Like almost everything we do, it took two attempts. The first time it went in with a little trouble, only to realise we’d left it locked in two gears simultaneously, so therefore wouldn’t work. Julian thankfully rectified that problemo and now i’m told that it works. Thanks must go to John’s article in FiatMonth about the Regatta to X1/9 gearbox conversion.

Changing the diff ratio’s
Posing for the camera…

Is that a rediculously small clutch, or is it just me?

Gearbox in, ready to roll!
We’ve also been doing other random bits and pieces, such as the front radiator lines, hooking up the shift linkage, installing the door latches (few minor hiccups there….) and generally avoiding body work.


3 Responses to “No Britney Spears, just a good gearbox”

  1. faelli Says:

    did you hear that story about Britney and gearboxes? not a good mix…apparently she missed a shift in her 360 Fezza and dropped the whole transaxle out onto the freeway. Hope your not planning to do THAT!

  2. Alana Says:

    Hi guys! Love the website, read the whole lot (understood about two eighths!) So impressed by your determination and hard work. It looks fantastic, best of luck with all your racing ventures. Maybe I could come for a “fang” one day?! 😉
    Alana Banana

  3. manzinilox Says:

    Two eighths would make 1/4″, which is about 6.5mm… simple imperial/metric conversion. 🙂

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