pass the sunglasses

January 15, 2007

There haven’t been any updates here for awhile, christmas got in the way and it’s been too hot to sit at the computer and type. Too hot to work on the car as well…but that hasn’t stopped us. It’s finally all white, with no runs! The paint job isn’t the greatest but it’s done, and from 5 meters away in the sun you couldn’t tell. This thing is BLINDINGLY white.  (will pop some photos up later in the week, left the cameras at home today)

Today the windscreen got fitted and it looks awesome, no chrome surround. I think we may have a car on out hands.

We also picked up some allthread and ‘r’ clips to make up some bonnet pins later in the week, after getting quoted over 200 dollars for 10 pins we thought a bit of time on the lathe was in order. Should turn out alright.

After thats all done the clutch and brakes have to be bled and re-bled and she’s off down the street for a shakedown and roadworthy. Fingers crossed it happens really soon.


One Response to “pass the sunglasses”

  1. dan Says:

    hey guys, great work. i have a 1978 series 1, owned it for about 6yrs – its been in the garage for 4.5yrs though – still registered it gets a day out once every 6 months. I bought it in peices and put it together with my father – oh my god – i understand your anguish! and those bloody italians who made them must have really small hands. i have put 16in rims on it with lots of difficulty – looks great but probably putting one hell of a load on those bearings. looking forward to seeing it done!

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