Pinned to the bonnet

January 21, 2007

We’re up to the stage where the little things take all our time. I called several suppliers for bonnet pins, and scoured the interweb. The cheapest i could find were going to set us back $20 per pair. Because we have fibreglass panels we would require 5 pairs, 10 pins in all – grand total $200. Needless to say, I spent a morning at the factory making the bonnet pins. Materials set us back $45, and 2 hours of my time (they could have taken one hour, but i seemed to break every machine i looked at).

So now they’re installed. As are the rubber seals around the door, and the front spoiler hangers (made months ago now). We also called in at John’s and got all the components for the headlights. We were originally not going to bother with the lights, but as we’ve decided to CH (club road register) the car, we need them to get a roadworthy. In the mean time, here’s some proof that the car’s actually white. Yes, Ash is quite tall. And yes, the car is quite small.

So, prepare and paint the headlight buckets, wire them up, mount the indicators, plumb the radiator and fuel lines properly, bleed the brakes and clutch and put a seat in it. Bob’s your mothers brother. There is other things, but our deadline is to have this roadworthy before the end of January. We’ll see…


One Response to “Pinned to the bonnet”

  1. Kate Says:

    Ah, well done, boys! It’s come such a long way since I last saw it.

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