small setbacks

February 25, 2007

Once again the project suffers a small hiccup. This time as a result of my stupitidy. To cut a long story short I haven’t been able to work on the car the past month due to a broken colar bone. ‘Snap’ it went. So just to prove that this thing is still somewhere in the top 100 on the priority list a little picture of what I have been able to work on.


Dave and I fired the beast up once again just to check that all was well with the motor. 2 pumps on the accelerator…crank the car and… nothing. Turned the ignition ON and tried the above again, a puff of black smoke out the back and she roared into life. Settling into a happy idle straight away on a stone cold motor. Who needs fuel injection! Once the monstor cam is in, the compression upped, and the ingnition advanced she should be a right bitch to start. Just like a real race motor. Cant wait. Almost one step closer to solving the clutch line problem…will fill you in soon.