May 13, 2007

Finally found time to beat the clutch problem last week. After a long absence from the garage due to uni/work/funds we went to fix this one once and for all.

Dave got his shiny new flaring tool…

and after a few attempts to get the hang of the thing, flared the ends of the line to accept the joining piece that we had made. Finding out the hard way that flaring a line under the dash is a right bitch.

After stuffing round for six months the munged clutch line is now fixed…and it only took a couple of hours.

We went and bled the clutch without issue. But after bleeding the thing we still had no pedal even with all the air out of the system,  there was the right amount of movement at the slave cylinder…so the problem had to be in the box.

After ten minuets of head scratching it got ripped off. Took almost another hour…clearly abit rusty I haven’t done it for the last three months. Ripping the box off didn’t really answer much…my gut feeling is that it is something to do with our modified race clutch and pressure plate setup. The pressure plate fingers are flat…shouldn’t they be angled towards the bell housing side? Anyone…anyone?

We will have to give it another go this week…itching to hoon up and down the driveway!