We’re back on it

July 13, 2007

AND we have a deadline. Again. Yes, I’m well aware that we, like the good university students we are, have failed to meet our previous few deadlines, but we will this time. I promise.

Firstly, we’ve been overseas for the past 5 weeks. Seeing Roman streets filled with all manner of Italian vintage antiquities (and more Fiat 500’s than I ever knew existed), meant that not a day went past without talk of what needed to be done. The clutch was obviously first on the list, followed by brakes, wheels, seat, harness and petrol. Then it goes. I promise.

One of the interesting points of the trip that i can divulge on this family friendly blog is that we were stoked to find the ONLY X1/9 of the trip in a car museum. It was a place about 2 hours from Nice that Julian’s relatives took us to as a part of our cultural induction to France, and it was not unlike Dutton’s in Richmond in that as far as we could tell, all the cars on display were for sale.

6,500 Euros will get you this bad girl, “with spares”. That equates to roughly AUD $10,400, which isn’t a lot of car for your money unless it’s hiding something special under that crappy paint job. Which the description claimed it didn’t. So they were dreaming.

So, to the progress we have been making since our triumphant return. After a tip off from John before we fled the country, we had another look at the gearbox and turned a couple of things around. The result is that we have finally and completely fixed the clutch. It’s bled. It works. I nearly cried. We also fabricated some more bits to replace some entirely inappropriate washers we decided to use under the engine mount. Peace of mind stuff.

Next item on the list is to bleed the brakes, then go shopping. We’ve decided that nothing is more important than getting this car finished before the said deadline. We will meet it!


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