July 16, 2007

I write this landmark post still slightly drunk on the success of today. The Dallara moved under its own steam for the first time this afternoon at around 4:30. We pushed it out, the engine took the first time, warmed it up for a minute and Julian let off the clutch. Forward motion was the immediate result. Then he stalled it. I have a video of it, which will find its way onto this site as soon as I can convert it to a net friendly format… Yes. We are excited.

We’d spent the formative hours swapping out crappy suspension bolts on the front end, aligning the bonnet, adding secondary throttle springs, polishing off the battery mount, fitting the air filter, trying to solve the catch tank dilemma and other miscellaneous small jobs that have found their way onto our ever evolving list of stuff that has to be done. These things include: buying a seat and harness, bleeding the brakes and then a hundred small things. I don’t think I’m going to sleep tonight.


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