Somewhere to sit and think

July 25, 2007

I’ll let the picture speak for itself.

Yes, we have bought a seat and harness. The seat was a deal from Coxy’s Motorsport Spares in Bundoora, a Sparco Tec. Its features are it’s fiberglass, red and very light. The harness is a cheap(ish) Autotechnica, but it is FIA approved, so in theory it’s no worse than its similarly approved more expensive counterparts. All up $800 for the pair.

It took us 2 half days to install them properly, test fitting it piece by piece to make sure we had all of the holes and measurements right before we declared it finished at around 1pm today. We had to grind off the seat rails to make sure the seat sat low enough in the car that I could have a tiny bit of headroom with a helmet. It’s pretty close even with the modifications…

Julian’s also been thinking about the electrics, installing the essentials for our first outing. Most importantly, we’re still on track for the deadline.


One Response to “Somewhere to sit and think”

  1. K8 Says:

    Hey, um, boys…? You installed the steering on the wrong side! 😛

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