For sporty drive…

August 21, 2007

Unfortunately once again, when we’ve had time recently we’ve been short of money, and now that we have a few dollars (and a looming deadline!) we don’t have enough time to work on the car! However things are continually being crossed off the “to do” list. Plenty of things are being added as well.

John has come through to our rescue once again and lent us a set of wheels with tyres for our maiden voyage. I took them today to have tapered inserts installed so our newly made wheel studs don’t destroy them! They should be cooked by tomorrow. Julian also splashed out on a new Carter fuel pump, which passed his rigorous internet research tests. By the looks of the size of it I’m surprised the carbie isn’t drowning. He also installed a fuel pump cutoff which shuts the fuel pump down if the car isn’t running. It’s a CAMS requirement so we had to do it. He said it wasn’t hard to do, so I believed him.

In other news we swapped the Ford “renta” thermostat (which rattled around in the housing and can’t have done the trick) for an original FIAT part. Only took half an hour. While we were at it we had a go at fitting a set of extractors that John had offered to sell us, but they didn’t even come close to fitting. They ended up in the gearbox and the collector was in the entirely wrong spot. We have no idea what they’re off, but they look like they’d be good if they fit! Massive primaries. Call us vain, but size matters to us.

Next items on the list are receiving the mystery springs then fitting them, getting the wheels back and setting up the alignment and camber, checking that the cooling system works with the new fan sensor and thermo, maybe try to get it to a dyno, then who knows what else will pop up.

Thats about all for the minute. We’re counting down the days, I got my CAMS licence in the mail today, so on top of the uni work I’ve accumulated by being lazy I also have the CAMS manual to read.