Packing up, packing in…

September 4, 2007

The maiden voyage is less than a week away, and everything seems to be coming together.

There was  (and still is) nervousness surrounding the way we’ve installed our wheel studs, but a quick test tomorrow will hopefully ensure we’ve got it right at last. We think using carbie cleaner (what we thought was thinners based stuff in a can) had left a greasy residue in the threads, stopping the Loctite from working. So, we’ve re-cleaned the threads with a tap and thinners, allowed them to dry for a while and re-studded them.

The Hitchcock is also in. We washed the car on Sunday and realised the interior was going to get really really windy (and possibly wet) if we didn’t put a rear window in it before running it… So we  have.

“The List” is somehow staying around the same length despite plenty of work still going on. We have a rev limiter to install with a shift light, a hole to patch between the spare tire well and the wheel arch, the engine cover to construct, and of course getting our act together to actually get there. OH GOD IT’S ACTUALLY HAPPENING!


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