Sandown, not just a horse track…

October 7, 2007

It was my first trip to Sandown in many years, and both Julian’s and my first time on the track. We both got taken out as passengers first up on familiarisation laps, both of our instructors were really helpful showing us where the line was and where time could be saved.

Julian was first out, and reported back that the car was running well, but had very little grip. He initially thought it was the tires, but the grip improved, so it was more than likely a dirty track at the start of the day. I had a couple of runs next, and managed to find the extent of the grip (and beyond) by spinning right in front of where Julian was flagging. Bloody thing wouldn’t start again, but was only flooded. I also managed at some point to get the A arm to knock the alternator out of position and nearly wreck the fins on that. But that was fixed in enough time for Julians next run.

The remainder of the day was uneventful but consistent from both of us, both running low 1:52’s for most of the day. The best thing about the day was that because there were only 40 entrants, we each got over an hour of track time with longer 15 minute runs. This was great to actually settle in to a rhythm, and the day saw very few yellow or red flags unlike the MSCA meet at the Island. In all we put 230 flat knacker k’s on the car, with some runs back to back (30 mins of track time for the car without a rest), and it hardly skipped a beat.

A big thanks once again to John, who let us borrow his trailer. Also to everyone who came for a look, it feels good to think we have a fan club.

Apparently there was also a big race in a backwater NSW country town that we missed… does anyone know who won it?!


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