“As New” Carbies

November 5, 2007

We used the unofficial public holiday today to rebuild our carbies. They stunk of off fuel, and the smell was enough to make you sick. As a result of our meddling, you get to read the “How to” write up on the right of this page. It didn’t take too long, and it’d be easy to do them in about 90 min each (or less with a bit of practice).

The one on the right is obviously the clean one. We don’t have a manifold yet, but at least they’re ready to bolt on when we get it (after minor frame rail surgery).

We also have put a few things on the to do list before the next meet. Glue some patches into the body work to stop dust (or stones from the gravel trap – whoops!) from leaping up through the wheel arches and finding their way directly into our eyes. Also on the to do’s is the bloody shift light! It shouldn’t be as hard as its being, and it’d be nice to have a warning before the limiter starts cutting in.

Last thing, carby cleaner does not double as contact lens cleaner…