The season has started…

February 5, 2008

and somewhat predictably the car is in pieces. The need for some more power hit hard after our couple of trackdays last year. The car stopped and turned magically, but the poor thing couldn’t get out of it’s own way. We have a good baseline to compare to now – an even 60hp on the first dyno run we did before hitting the track.

After a tremendously slow and stinking hot summer break the push is on to bolt her together. Here are the scungy extractors we bought as a template. Perfect length and size, just needed some subtle adjustment in the pipe routing and we are good to go. They are currently with the exhaust dude.
dirty old extractors

I hope they come back nice and new. That fat plate underneath is what we laser cut the flanges from. I will stick the CAD pattern somewhere up on this site if anyone is interested.

Below is the current state of the engine bay, I got a little to exited with the angle grinder when clearancing to x member to fit the dellortos in. She will be as good as gold, all welded up this Saturday.
engine bay ready to recieve

That brings the blog almost up to date with what is happening, as always there are a trillion little bits and pieces underway like the airbox, adjustable cam pulley, new fuse box etc. Looking to have all this done by the end of Febuary,mid March at the latest. Normal service will resume on the blog then when Dave is back to write this sucker!