April 29, 2008

It seems that thanks to a certain overseas trip falling through for ER and the gang, we could be racing sooner than expected. We’re currently gathering the bits and pieces we’re missing to start our beloved Bianca, but should the planets align, we will be hearing grumbles on Friday morning! Our current plans are to try to make it to the Island at the start of June. Deadline is set.

Phillip Island Historics

We’ve both been busy with work and study recently, but we did manage to squeeze in a trip to the Phillip Island Historics last month. It was a fantastic day, typical Phillip Island weather (freezing and spitting rain one minute, burning hot sunshine the next) but luckily the blue sky won out, and allowed for a spectacular display of some of Australia’s best historic cars. It gave us an opportunity to see how other budget racers overcame many of the same problems we face, and to meet some suppliers and manufacturers that seemed only too happy to take our money from us.

Ferrari F5000

My personal highlight was the F5000 display, with more than a dozen screaming 70’s and 80’s V8’s roaring around at a speed which belied the age, fragility and pricetag of the golden-era beauties. The Toranas were also out in force, and were racing for sheep stations, providing more than a few spills.

Back at the coalface Julian’s been hard at work with my pet hate, the electronics. Cleaning up wiring to a standard the Swiss would be proud of.

In the race-prep department, we have big plans for a custom airbox, we’re just waiting on some time to fabricate it and take it to our favorite local welder-man. Similar plans go for a vernier cam wheel and a sweet cam. The brakes were bled on Saturday, revealing a chunk of entecar (the red tennis court gravel) from the driveway in one of the lines. It makes us wonder what else is in there…


One Response to “News”

  1. Leslie Says:

    Hey boyz,

    Just read the lot and up 2 speed, very impressive! Interested to see what HP improvement are made with the twin webbers, lookin for a similar setup for the gemini! Keep up the awesome work, i’ll catch up with you’s as soon as the Monaro starts making noise (which should be this w/e, fingers crossed)

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