Less work, more action

November 7, 2008

It’s been an appalling semester of Uni for all, but since Julian’s actually finished uni forever, and i’ve got 4 months of freedom, the covers are off and play is once again underway.

We began yesterday with a good, productive, fulfilling engineering project: the new airbox. It’s really nothing too technical, just an aluminium box with a lot of holes in it, but it’s the progress that counts. It took an afternoon but it’s just about finished, only needing to be welded. Pics are sure to follow.

Before we race, there are but a few more jobs to do. We managed to get a good price on some red Koni’s, which we are just about ready to install, we have to pay for and pick up our super dooper head, find a lumpy old cam shaft and port the while apparatus.

Now that we have once again got time on our side, stuff will happen. Racing is all about waiting, i’ve decided. Or money, if you have it.


5 Responses to “Less work, more action”

  1. Harold Says:

    Are the Konis for an X?

  2. manzinilox Says:

    I believe they are. They came off a friend’s X, and he’s now waiting for an overdue set of coil overs. From what I understand from the forums Koni don’t make the struts for the X anymore and everyone wants them, making them rare as rocking-horse poo.


  3. Harold Says:

    I believe they are at least that rare, there are a few options that can be made to work fairly easily.

    Hmmm… coil overs 🙂 On my wish list.

  4. Does anyone have any ideas on how to make this workbench in a “knock-down” version?

  5. Linn Tea Says:

    That looks excellent though i am just still less than sure that I like it. In any event will look more into it and choose for myself! 🙂

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