last week in pictures

November 20, 2008

We go the airbox all welded up and added the fittings…

airbox inlet

Dropped the left front stub axle out to replace it and the wheel bearing. The chewed up threads managed to do this to our wheel stud…not so fun.
stripped thread

Put the new dampers in, should make a world of difference to the handling of the car. The ones that came out were toast. Sitting nice and low.

The head is also off the car, ready to recive it’s go fast bits. That sorta rounds out last weeks progress.


5 Responses to “last week in pictures”

  1. Harold Says:

    Can you post some more info on replacing that front wheel bearing?

    As I understood the process (for the front) once you have the strut out, there is a large (38mm??) nut to remove, and then behind that the wheel bearing is held in with a nut that requires a special Fiat tool.

    Is this correct?

  2. Les Says:

    Hey fella’s!

    Nice to see you’s back on the toolz n steel. R you guys gona join me at winton fun day (december 14)for the monaro’s first drive in total aggression? love to see this white beast in action!!!

    What u doin to the head btw…cam, port n polish?

  3. faelli Says:

    Hi Harold,

    Your spot on with your description of the wheel bearing removal process. The best way to go about it is to remove the entire control arm assembly from the car so you can get it near a vice. Then thread two wheel bolts into opposing holes on the hub and clamp the bolts in the vice. You now can get a BIG breaker and I think a 30mm socket on the back on the stub axle. Once this is undone you can drive the stub axle out with a hammer and access the wheel bearing retaining nut which requires the fiat special tool. Then it is to a press to get the old bearing out and the new in. You will need to purchase a new retaining ring and axle nut…best not to reuse the old ones.
    The Haynes manual for the car has a reasonable description with torque values etc.

    Cheers, j

  4. Harold Says:


    Do you guys have the fiat tool? Can you post a pic of it?

    I might have to try and find one, but they are probably almost as rare as Konis…


  5. manzinilox Says:

    Sorry Harold, no photo. We don’t even have one. The easiest way is to make one by getting a piece of steel section, cutting it to the right length to fit the nut, then welding a common sized nut (say 13mm) onto that. I’ll try to make on and take a picture in the next week or 2.

    How’s your project coming along. I tried my old bookmark for it, but the site must have moved?

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