Manifold porting

December 8, 2008

Today the head, angry cam and other miscellaneous bits got to Fairfield. We launched straight into porting the manifold to the carbies and the head. Quite a simple process, but ended up taking most of the afternoon. 

Step 1, Prussian Blue

Step 2, Line up and mark

Step 3, Grind and polish

Step 4, Test and repeat steps 1-4 as necessary

We also discovered that the later Regatta heads (which we now have) have 10mm stud/bolt holes, and our older 1300 cc block has M12 studs in it. The head is going to meet its maker briefly to be drilled to 12mm, and while we’re in the area, the cam box is having 2.42 (?) mm taken off it to accommodate the ridiculous new cam. We’ve also ordered new M12x1.25 cap screws for the new head because the older studs were a bit cancerous. 

Just to make an interesting comparison, the old valves and the new valves. The inlet valve difference is more noticable.

Still to happen is the vernier cam pulley, getting the rear shocks happening, front left wheel bearing, beer and bbq’s of summer. 

P.S. Santa is coming soon!


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