About the  fools spending their wages.

Dave – Graduate from Media/Asian Studies at Latrobe Uni, Melbourne. Enjoys long walks off short piers etc. Got sucked into this project by…

Julian – Architect’s bitch. Enjoys long drives and playing with his nuts.

About Bianca:


1979 Fiat X1/9

Two seat, Mid engine, Rear wheel drive car

1300cc SOHC, Naturally Aspirated

Fiat Regatta/X1/9 converted gearbox (for different gear ratio’s)

Dallara fibreglass body kit

Dellorto DCOE sidedraft carbies,  lightened standard flywheel, racing clutch and a few erronious parts like aluminium radiator, etc

Standard brakes, 4 speed box.

The plan is to develop the 1300 as much as possible until we get bored with it, then move on to something else!


6 Responses to “About”

  1. Andras Says:

    Hi guys!

    We are going to do a project very similiar to yours. We are restoring one (or two) X19s. You can check the homepage on the link I provided.

    We should keep in touch if there’s anything we can help eachother. Oh, by the way, we have the few hundred page long service manual for the car! Tell us, if you need anything.

  2. manzinilox Says:

    Hi Andras! We just got back from overseas and i’ve just seen this message about your site! Just looking at the photos and hearing your stories, we’re going through exactly the same thing. Putting stuff on hold because you don’t have the right tool, money, uni, work, everything gets in the way.

    Persistence will pay off. It has for us. Last post you said you were up to painting it. What’s the hold up?! I want to see some photos! See whether you can better our initial painting effort… shouldn’t be hard!

    Cheers. D

  3. Andras Says:

    Hi Dave!

    If everything goes well, we are going to be sanding this weekend, and maybe do the primer, although I doubt we can get there. I haven’t updated the blog for a while now, but last time we degreased and cleaned the sucker off well, so it is ready to be sanded! I hope I can show you pics of the nice yellow car soon!



  4. russ Says:

    hi guys how mauy of us mad men are there , i too am addictted to x19s and have been for over 15 years and this week a big thing happens, my car is having a make over , full respray prototipo body kit, and dallara wing as well ,,it has a 2 litre fuel injected turbocharged gt28rs,,, intercooler ect ect ,,250 bhp,, running 15 pounds boost ,and next week fitting the new specially made simmons wheels 10inch rims on rear, 8 on frount, so i hope to cure my grip problems , ill be posting pics asap ,on turbo 124 , see ya p,s i will be comming over to victoria as soon as time is availible , so ill see you then maybe , see ya regards russell

  5. Greg Says:

    Hi,just woundering where did you get the dallara fiberglass panels from? I have an X1/9 with a 4g63t motor and box(EVO1) and would like to put the dalllara conversion on it.Thanks,Greg.

  6. manzinilox Says:

    That’s some serious engine swapping Greg, how easy was it?

    We got our panels from John Black in Melbourne. Look him up on the turbo124.com forums. I think his name’s hotx19. He doesn’t do much fibreglassing these days, but drop him a line on the forums. You never know.

    Best of luck. Dave

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