February 14, 2010

As promised, our jetting for twin Dellorto DHLA 40, emissions version.

NOTE: This will probably NOT WORK well for non-emission spec Dellorto or Weber sidedrafts on a similar engine.

Idle: 65 (this must be around the 45 mark if you run non-emissions series)

Air Corrector: 150

Emulsion tube: 7772.11

Main jet: 130 (probably needs to be 135 or so. Gets a little lean on high RPM)

Engine: SOHC 1300cc head worked with larger valves and mystery cam

1 1/2″ headers, 4 into 1 exhaust, 3″ secondary, high flow muffler

At the moment, got 35 degree of advance dialled in. The dizzy-less Megajolt ignition system is currently being perused as an alternative.

Industrial espionage is probably not an issue for 30 year old technology. If anyone has thoughts or comments on these figures, we’d love to hear from you.


New Lid

February 14, 2010

Spent another arvo in the shed, and came up with some good results.

We’ve decided to ditch the Arbath style bootlid. It weighed about 10kg, and somebody once claimed that cutting 5 kg was equivilent to adding 1 horsepower. Rough rule of thumb I know, but 2 extra horses never go astray. The back half of the boot will be a fibreglass version of the normal bootlid. This will also allow the engine bay to stay a hell of a lot cooler. We’re going to try and get some glass wrap for the headers to keep the carbies cooler as well.

Al mesh and Al frame

Julian has tracked down some bits to put together a sensor array to log useful (useless) data. A bunch of small solid state temperature sensors and a milspec potentiometer which will be used as a throttle position sensor. He’s planning on passing the sensors through an ardwino and into a palmtop computer. I’m sure he’ll write more about it as it comes together. It’s good to be doing things that aren’t going to put the car on block for months if they all go pear shaped.

Next week is the FIAT Car Club of Victoria Concourse. We plan on attending with Bianca in tow, so come and say hi. It’s always nice to meet a fan…

A long time between drinks

September 26, 2009

It feels like a glacial age has occurred since the last efforts to get Bianca’s motor running. And it kinda has been. Finally though, we both have the ability to throw some time at the problems which have faced us. Winter’s almost over and you can venture out into the garage again without fear of frostbite.

Now that Bianca has mean rubber (Kumho V700’s) the time has come to bastardize a set of wheel nuts to get them on. And in true ER fashion, we set to work on the lathe. If it was simple, everyone would have one. End result is a car with probably more rubber than it will need. I mean to test that in the near future. Dyno this week, wish her luck.


May 26, 2009

So we missed another deadline.

With the motor now being buttoned up the challenge is to get the thing running well. We got our greasy hands on some bloody expensive dellorto jets and stuck them in. That just proved to us that the carbies need going over with the screwdriver as it runs like a bucket of rubbish. Screws should be turned this weekend so it can visit the dyno man. Why is it the more you spend on a race engine the unhappier it sounds?

Edit: Changed the fuel, and it runs much better now. Apparently BP Ultimate doesn’t cellar well…

Deadline set – 30 May

April 19, 2009

We managed to spend a couple of hours on Bianca yesterday. She got a re-shim, and we realised just how well the head had been machined! The shims were all within about .05 mm of one-another.

The next job was to pay John a visit, and he pressed our wheel bearing into the new front stub axle. Once more, the small jobs on the list are taking the time, but we’ve set a deadline.

30 May, Alfa club sprint at Phillip Island. We will be there, rain (probably) hail (likely) or shine (with luck). This means that we have much to do in 5 short weeks. The car will be at the Island, whether it is going or not!

Tuba’s, not trumpets.

April 6, 2009

The intake system is nearly all together. Clearances are tighter than the current economic climate, and a few special tools may have to be found to make servicing quicker and easier due to the locations of some of the fasteners, but it all fits.

Full Up!

Full Up!

Throats that will swallow Phillip Island birdlife whole...

Throats that will swallow Phillip Island birdlife whole...

Check the sexy vernier cam wheel, epic ‘bespoke’ air box and tuba’s (not trumpets).

Still on the list is the wheel bearing, catch can, dyno and tune to name a few. The end of the tunnel is in sight!

Top End

April 1, 2009

While I was busy watching probably the most exciting F1 race Albert Park has ever seen, Julian was busy putting together the results of months of running around.

Last week we dropped the cam box off to have nearly half a mm skimmed off it to make sure we didn’t overshim it with the monster cam. It was collected on Friday and was on the car on Saturday.



Julian selflessly forewent free tickets to the F1’s to make sure everything went together, and go together it did.

The precision measuring tools are posed. The only tools Julian used was thumbs and Mk. 1 Eyeball

The precision measuring tools are posed. The only tools Julian used was thumbs and Mk. 1 Eyeball

The carbies go on tonight, it should be started in the next week, Dyno’d by the end of April and On the track by June. We’ve said this before, but this time we’re serious. We’ve said that before too…