New Lid

February 14, 2010

Spent another arvo in the shed, and came up with some good results.

We’ve decided to ditch the Arbath style bootlid. It weighed about 10kg, and somebody once claimed that cutting 5 kg was equivilent to adding 1 horsepower. Rough rule of thumb I know, but 2 extra horses never go astray. The back half of the boot will be a fibreglass version of the normal bootlid. This will also allow the engine bay to stay a hell of a lot cooler. We’re going to try and get some glass wrap for the headers to keep the carbies cooler as well.

Al mesh and Al frame

Julian has tracked down some bits to put together a sensor array to log useful (useless) data. A bunch of small solid state temperature sensors and a milspec potentiometer which will be used as a throttle position sensor. He’s planning on passing the sensors through an ardwino and into a palmtop computer. I’m sure he’ll write more about it as it comes together. It’s good to be doing things that aren’t going to put the car on block for months if they all go pear shaped.

Next week is the FIAT Car Club of Victoria Concourse. We plan on attending with Bianca in tow, so come and say hi. It’s always nice to meet a fan…