Pre Phillip Island List, May 30th 2010
  • Bleed Brakes
  • Header Wrap
  • Carb Heatshield
  • Boot Lid Pins
  • Change front Towhook to fabric loop
  • Battery and Tow stickers
  • Pump Jets – Downsize
  • Wash
  • Nut and Bolt Check
  • Go Racing…

Post Phillip Island List

  • Lexan Side and Rear Windows
  • Lose window winders
  • Fiberglass Roof
  • Front Splitter/Undertray
  • Megajolt crank fired ignition
  • Rod ends to front radius arms
  • New bushes to front and rear arms, Superpro # (Front – SPF092K, $52.85)(Rear – SPF2320K, $65) Avaliable from Bursons.
  • Spherical Bearing in strut top mounts
  • Wheel Alignment
  • SS Brake Lines
  • Full Race Brake Pads and Fluid
  • Engine development…

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